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Finesse 280 Junior

The F280 Junior has the same functionality as the adult F280. The robust design stands up to the wear and tear caused by children and young adults during their day.

Any person using the junior model has as standard seat which moves higher and lower than other electric wheel chairs

# Back and forward tilt
# Flip-up arm rests
# Fully adjust seat, back, foot rests and leg rests
# Front wheel drive
# Batteries last 34km (21.1 miles) before recharging
# Ergonomic seat design

Finesse 290

The Finesse range of products are front wheel drive, compact and highly manoeuvrable powered wheelchairs that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The F290 provides a range of movement comparable to the F280 but has the additional feature of allowing the user to stand from either a lying or sitting position, in one easily controlled movement. Once in a standing position the chair can be driven around on flat even ground.

  • Front wheel drive for maximum manoeuvrability
  • Drive safely in an upright position
  • Supporting chest strap and knee brace ensure maximum safety and confidence whilst standing
  • Supporting casters will not continue to power down if the surface is uneven
  • Will raise or lower whilst sitting or lying (380mm to 820mm)
  • Seat tilt in space, 15 back to stand up
  • Adjust the seat, back, foot rests and leg rests independently
  • Maximum width is 640mm, easily fits through standard doorframe
  • Transferring is made easier with flip-up arm rests and an optional swing-away arm for the controller
  • Choose from an optional range of colours, seat fabrics and accessories

Liberty 280

Off-road manoeuvres are no problem for the robust Liberty range. With the advantage of

  • rear wheel drive
  • battery that lasts up to 34km (21.1 miles)

The L280 includes a number of luxury features for maximum comfort and versatility including an electric;

  • seat lift
  • seat tilt
  • reclining back
  • elevating leg rests.

As with every Balder, you can personalise your Liberty.

  • powerful front and rear lights
  • optional accessories

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