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Quickie 2

Consisting of the Quickie 2 (swing-away front frame) and Quickie 2HP (fixed front frame), the Quickie 2 range is one of the most dependable wheelchairs on the market with a modular design enabling users to upgrade their wheelchair at little cost

Quickie F 45

Do you require a greater level of flexibility from your powerchair? Look no further than the Quickie F45 - the only true folding transportable powerchair available in the marketplace today. Customisation is one of the key features for the F45. Whilst a selection of four armrest & backrest options offer unparalleled comfort & support, a unique new colour package presenting the front forks, cross brace, back posts and rear wheels in a colour of your choosing gives your chair a unique and distinctive feel.

Quickie F 55

The Quickie f55 will appeal to you not only because of its innovative design, but above all, because of the multitude of powered features and options which can be fitted. The stable, rigid chassis ensures the highest level of comfort while travelling and the new optional seat lift function will give you that essential extra freedom in your daily life.

Quickie Groove

The Quickie Groove™ is essentially 2 chairs rolled into one. It features the capability to switch from front to rear-wheel drive and vice versa. When coupled with the the mid-wheel drive version, the 2 chairs provide 3 different drive-wheel combinations (front, mid and rear-wheel), all capable of connecting with a standard Rehab seating system or the Perfect Fit® seating system.

Quickie Neon

With its innovative cross-brace and the newly-designed, fold-down backrest, the Neon achieves folded dimensions unheard of up to now. With dimensions of (W x H x L) 25 x 49 x 78cm, the Neon is the smallest wheelchair in its class, and will fit in practically anywhere. Whether its in the car, travelling, at work or leisure, the Neon is the ideal companion for the active person. Not only can the Neon make itself extremely small, it is also an absolute lightweight at just 9.7kg in its standard configuration.

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